Scatman Gets Exciting Revamp in Jason Derulo’s “Slow Low”

Multi-platinum global superstar, Jason Derulo, renowned for his innovative approaches to music, has taken a fresh swing at the iconic “Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop)” in his new summer anthem, “Slow Low”.

Available now via Atlantic Records across all DSPs and streaming services, “Slow Low” is a fusion of contemporary sounds and the timeless Scatman hook. With a distinct change in tempo, this is a unique twist that shows Derulo’s continuous commitment to breaking boundaries in music.

“Slow Low” is the brainchild of Jason Derulo and Shawn Charles, with dynamic production handled by the renowned duo of Pink Slip, known for their work with One OK Rock and Royal & The Serpent, and Jackson Morgan, the magic behind Machine Gun Kelly and Sam Fischer’s hits. Together, they’ve managed to spin a classic into a trendsetting masterpiece that carries the Scatman legacy forward.

You can check out the song here on all streaming platforms, or play the official Youtube audio below!