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Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop)

The song that started it all. After selling millions of copies around the globe, this is one of the biggest hits of the 90s.

Because of the song’s immense popularity, it was released in almost every country of the world and many versions and remixes for different countries exist.

Scatman cover
Scatman remix cover
Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop) Remixes

The official remix release of “Scatman”, featuring mixes by DJs Alex Christensen and Frank Peterson.

Scatman’s world [Single]

The follow-up single to “Scatman” was “Scatman’s World”, also a successful hit, reaching no.1 in many countries.

This song introduces the concept of Scatland – or Scatman’s World – something John would refer to many times in his music.

Scatman's World single cover
Scatman's World remix cover
Scatman’s World Remixes

The official remix CD featured DJ Hooligan and Bass Bumpers for clubs and dance venues.

70’s and 80’s style mixes were also featured.

Song of Scatland

“Song of Scatland” is a little-known ballad, in contrast to John’s normal style of music. The release featured the popular B-side, ‘Hey You!’

This was the final single to be released before John’s debut album ‘Scatman’s World’. This song highlights the ‘Story of Scatland’ which John had created as a concept for the ‘Scatman’s World’ album.

Song of Scatland cover
Scatman's World album cover
Scatman’s world [ALBUM]

This was John’s debut album, which proved to be immensely popular after the two main hit singles, ‘Scatman’ and ‘Scatman’s World’.

In this album, John describes his vision of ‘Scatland’ and comments that his stutter was the original reason why he became ‘Scatman John’.

Scat Paradise [Japan]

One of the first Japanese Exclusive CDs, released due to John’s great popularity in Japan.

This CD features the Karaoke versions of the two popular singles, ‘Scatman’ and ‘Scatman’s World’, among other tracks that were exclusive to this release.

Scat Paradise cover
Only You cover
Only You [Japan]

Another of the first Japanese Exclusive CDs, featuring the song “Only You” from the ‘Scatman’s World album, among others.

The cover design was the same as ‘Song of Scatland’.


Su Su Su super Kirei [Japan]

The Japan-only releases of John’s music continued in 1996 with Su Su Su Super Kirei.

This song was used as the theme tune for Kanebo Cosmetics TV Advertisements in Japan. The adverts starred John, and a separate music video was also made for the single.

Super Kirei Cover
Pripri Scat cover
PriPri Scat [Japan]

John’s involvement in TV advertising tunes continued with this song, used as the theme tune for Glico’s Prin Pudding TV Advertisements in Japan. Again, John starred in the advert itself.

This was a 3 inch CD release, an unusual non-standard format.

Everybody Jam! [Single]

This was the first single from the second album of the same name. It features the voice of Louis Armstrong (‘Satchmo’), often thought to be ‘the father of Jazz’ and the inventor of scat-singing.

In this song, John pays tribute to him as well as creating a very popular single.

Everybody Jam cover
Everybody Jam album cover
Everybody Jam! [ALBUM]

John’s second album, after ‘Scatman’s World”, following the single of the same name.

John began to introduce more jazz into his music throughout this album, and there was also a special Japanese version – with many quality bonus tracks.


Everybody Jam! [USA]

This is the USA version of the first single from the second album of the same name. It features the voice of Louis Armstrong (‘Satchmo’), often thought to be ‘the father of Jazz’ and the inventor of Scat.

The remixes were in a unique style, by Vission & Lorimer, and Rhythm Masters.

Everybody Jam USA cover
Let it Go cover
Let it Go

This was the second release from the Everybody Jam! Album. The single proved very popular, due to the successful mixes by Me-Shee.

The versions on this CD are not the same as the album.

Scatmambo (Patricia)

The title track from the German movie ‘Love Scenes from Planet Earth’. This single was released across Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

The remixes were constructed by different DJs across Germany, where the single proved most popular. This is the second sountrack that John had been involved in during his career. This track was to feature on John’s upcoming third album.

Scatmambo single cover


The Chickadee Song cover
The Chickadee Song

The First single release from John’s third album – “Take Your Time”.

This CD also features the Take Your Time tracks, making it almost a double A-side CD.

Take Your Time [Album]

The third album in Scatman John’s career, recorded as he was battling lung cancer.

Following the tradition of upbeat Europop, this album also has a Latin-influenced sound.

Japanese Bonus tracks are again a feature of this Scatman John album.

Take Your Time cover
Take Your time single cover
Take Your Time [Single]

This is the title track from John’s third album of the same name.

Released throughout Europe just before the release of the album, it features five mixes by Pierre J.

After John’s death, it was re-released with a posthumous dedication.

Ichi, Ni, San… Go!

Another single release from the “Take Your Time” album.

This song was released in Europe, despite having some Japanese lyrics! (Ichi, Ni, San, Go! Means One, Two, Three… Go! in Japanese).

Ichi Ni San Go cover
Scatman compilation cover
Scatman (Compilation)

A compilation album, almost like a “greatest hits”, released throughout Europe after John’s death.

This also included a biography, in German.

Rarities, Demos, Jazz, etc.

John Larkin LP (1986)

Recorded in 1984 and 1985, when John was still fighting addiction to drugs and alcohol.

This is an avante-garde / free jazz album, now lauded as one of the best examples in its class.

The album was never released, although some copies of it have since circulated.

John Larkin LP cover
Listen to the Scatman Cover
Listen to the Scatman: The Jazz Vocal/Piano of John Larkin (2001)

Released after John’s death by Judy Larkin, this CD features John playing piano and singing jazz standards/classics.

Such music was his main career in bars and hotels, immediately before he became “Scatman John”.

More tracks & info coming soon!